14064083835_b8e3b4cc67_zYesterday was a bank holiday in the UK so they were mostly shut down and I decided why post if nobody is going to see it. I love how the UK doesn’t bother coming up with stupid holiday themes like we do in the US. If they decide they need a vacation, the just do it. Bam.

I spent the last week in New York City for the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award Week and it was fun and educational. I also got to spend some time in Osprey’s old stopping grounds in Long Island City, which is where that pic was taken from my hotel window. I know a lot of smaller publishers, especially those of the noir or darker crime bent, are pretty vocal in the distrust and hatred of the publishing establishment, but I’ve always seen Exhibit A as having the best of both worlds. First, despite the rash of noir signings, that’s not all Exhibit A is. You’ll be excited by some of the signings we’ll be announcing soon that begin to take my Exhibit A in some new directions. Second, we’re not exactly a small press. Though we have the fun nature and quirky sensibilities of a small press and the flexibility to buy books we’re passionate about that might not be huge sellers, we’re also distributed by Random House and nicely capitalized by our corporate overlords at Osprey Publishing.  Finally, I’m still a big believer in and fan of the traditional system. I love all of the exciting possibilities offered by technology and new sales and marketing models, but I also don’t think this business is as screwed up or behind the times as some people think.

So it’s important to me for us to be viewed as a legitimate member of the crime fiction publishing community and Mystery Writers of America is a main anchor of that community. We worked hard to become an MWA-approved publisher so our authors can join based on their sales to us and so we can submit eligible for work Edgar Award consideration. This week was my first chance to make the rounds of MWA since that approval and I was so happy to see how excited MWA leadership is about what Exhibit A is doing. There is a strong belief among many  that we are filling a sizable, but under-served, niche in the community between massive blockbusters and  hyper-segmented niche publishing.

One other thing that I will talking a lot about this month, is our Ex on the Beach promotion. We did this last year and it worked out really, really well. For the month of May, you can load up your ereader with great summer reading as selected Exhibit A titles will be price slashed to $1.99 for THE WHOLE MONTH. What titles, you ask?

THE CLEARING   by Dan Newman
CLEAN BURN by Karen Sandler
THE VIEW FROM THE TOWER  by Charles Lambert
ROTTEN AT THE HEART by Bartholomew Daniels
BALLAD OF MILA by Matteo Strukel

Go check them out. Tell all your friends!

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