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‘The Professor’ on Tour

The Author, Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey has been busily working away these last few weeks promoting his debut novel The Professor.

From Blog Tours, to book signings, to video interviews, Robert has been tireless in his mission to make The Professor everyone’s new number one book.

So for everyone who is a fan of The Professor and Robert’s work or interested in what an author does to promote a new book, here is a recap of what he’s been up to.


Radio Interviews


Robert giving his reading

Robert finished February with an interview on the Thacker Mountain Radio Show in Mississippi. In front of 150-200 strong crowd Robert gave a reading from The Professor and spoke to members of the crowd about the novel. As well as being a great opportunity to promote it also allowed Robert the chance to see The Professor out on local bookshop shelves!

Book Signings and Special Guests

Robert followed the radio interview up with a weekend of special book signings. First a private one with family and friends as well as special guest Lieutenant Governor of the State of Alabama, Kay Ivey. This was followed the next day by a much bigger signing at Books-A-MillionNot only did the event nearly cause a stock sell-out of The Professor but it was also described by a store clerk “the best I have ever seen in the eight years I have worked at the store.” Well done Robert.

Video Interviews

Finally Robert took part in a video interview for HTVHe took the opportunity to talk about The Professor and how he got into writing in the first place. Essential viewing for anyone considering becoming a writer and great publicity for the book as the interview will be going out across America!

At Exhibit A we’re incredibly proud of all authors and their accomplishments and its great to be able to show you all how hard they work for them!

Don’t forget to get your own copy of The Professor, available from Amazon, Waterstones and The Book Depository and many other booksellers!

The Professor by Robert Bailey

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ColdWater Books Signing for Robert Bailey

ColdWater Books Signing for Robert Bailey

Following last week’s sold-out launch for The Professor, Robert Bailey enjoyed a great book signing over the weekend, and here he is to tell you about it:

We had a fantastic book signing this past Saturday at ColdWater Books in Tuscumbia!  As part of Loving Locals Winter Fest, I joined over thirty other authors for a fun afternoon of books, coffee and conversation.  All total, we sold 24 copies of The Professor and got to meet a lot of nice people.

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The Professor: Sold-Out Launch Celebrations!

The Professor: Sold-Out Launch Celebrations!
Robert Bailey’s The Professor (February 2014) is a thrilling and enthralling legal novel that has been lauded by authors such as Winston Groom (Forrest Gump), Mark Childress (Crazy in Alabama), Homer Hickam (Rocket Boys), booksellers, reviewers, and readers alike. Last week, Robert launched The Professor in Huntsville, Alabama with Homer Hickam introducing him on stage, at the Huntsville Museum of Art. Homer praised the “richness” of The Professor and expressed his envy of those who have yet to read it. Robert has captured the evening in the below blog post, kindly reproduced from his site, Well done on such a fantastic night, Robert!
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Total Film eBook Promo: Get Richard Parker’s Scare Me for FREE

Total Film eBook Promo: Get Richard Parker’s Scare Me for FREE

January’s issue of Total Film not only features on-set exclusives for Spider-Man 2, interviews with Colin Farrell, and reviews of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug but excitedly, there is a FREE eBook of Scare Me by Richard Parker for every reader!

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A Year End Review of Crime Fiction Part 2: My Input

If you missed the first part of this, you can check it out here.

I listened to what other folks had to say about crime fiction in 2013 and from the comments here and from emails others sent to me, the biggest trend according to readers seems to be the continued growth of the pulp influence in crime fiction. I think this is true and is part of a larger movement away from the traditional mystery format toward books that focus less on the solution of the crime and more on the lead up to the crime or repercussions of the crime. Every year when the Best American Mystery Stories anthology comes out, a discussion always pops up on review sites about how few stories in the anthology deal are traditional investigation-solution mystery stories.

This move has been happening since the first part of 2000, but I’ve recently seen a new twist in how many of these stories focus on women. The biggie of 2013 of course was Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, but authors like Megan Abbott, Laura Lippman, and Vicki Hendricks among others have been laying this foundation for a while with books featuring strong, engaging, and deeply flawed and at times even unlikable female characters.

While these darker and deeper books tend to garner most of the critical attention and award consideration, those interested in the traditional format mystery can still find great books with interesting female characters in the cozy mystery field. I’ve long been a fan of this genre and among the frothy and shallow offerings are some really great works from authors like Donna Andrews, Elaine Viets, and Charlaine Harris that tackle social issues and gender issues along with the zany antics of their finely-drawn characters.

And lest this post be a commercial for every publisher except Exhibit A, I’d like to highlight our own contributions to this field. Among our initial wave of releases was Clean Burn by Karen Sandler featuring a female PI with enough baggage and failures to intrigue even the most jaded noir reader. That pulp influence I mentioned makes it way to our 2014 list in the form of bounty hunter Mila Zago and Japanese getaway driver Edie Otgurl . I’m also in the process of acquiring some other great sophisticated and, dare I say literary, female-driven crime novels to keep our list fresh and exciting.

Hopefully 2014 builds on these cool trends and mixes in some other unexpected surprises. Readers of publishers like Exhibit A are seeking out more than just the next pop thriller, they’re looking for expertly curated work that features the best of what the genre offers from up and coming voices as well as established authors looking to experiment.

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A Year End Review of Crime Fiction Part 1: Reader Input

This is an odd week as some people are still on holiday vacation, but many more are back at work and looking for distractions in the way of blogs and such. This time of year also brings out a wave of Best Of lists and Year in Reviews posts. Not wanting to miss out on that band wagon I began writing just such a piece for this blog. Halfway through though I realized it was all me talking, and not much of a discussion. I want this site to be more than just another vehicle for me to blab about my thoughts and ideas, I want it to be a community where ideas are discussed and people chat and new and inventive things are hashed out.

So I’ve decided to do my year end post in two parts. Today will be Part I in which I solicit input from you, the readers and writers, on your thoughts regarding crime fiction in 2013. What were the trends you loved? What did you hate? Where would you like to see crime fiction go in the future? What about publishing as a whole? As a print publisher, Exhibit A obviously has a stake in the survival and success of the current model, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our smaller size and inventive staff to shake things up and get ahead of the curve on some thing.

On Thursday after everyone has revived from the New Year’s hangovers and food comas, I’ll post my own thoughts.

The comments are open.


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Well Hello There

Well Hello There

I spent the whole day Monday talking about myself and spreading news about my new role here as Exhibit A Editor, but I never really got very deep into who I really am. There’s plenty of surface info out there about me through my own website and social media accounts, but that’s almost all about my life and work as a crime writer. I don’t see that I’ve ever really dug deeply into my history as an editor.

I got my start as an editor in college when I resurrected the dormant campus newspaper to complain about how poorly my school was spending campus activity funds. I had been a reporter in high school and had attempted a number of novels, but that was the first time I found myself editing work by other writers. That continued at my next university where I was the editor of the literary magazine and worked as tutor in the writing center. This is when I first started freelancing as an editor as well. I came to commercial publishing by way of an internship with Random House in New York City the summer before the September 11th attacks. I wasn’t in New York publishing long before I realized New York wasn’t the city for me and I moved back to my home state of Michigan.

I dabbled in academia, briefly pursuing a career as an English instructor along with other assorted careers in technical support, clerical support, and retail support. I bumped around Ann Arbor in a fog, editing here and there for friends while trying out new and weird things with fiction on the web. One of these experiments was an online anthology of short stories written exclusively by bloggers. At the time, this was very new and exciting and generated quite a bit of press for myself and my co-editor Dave White. We did a few more blog short story projects before diving full on into creating a new crime fiction webzine called Demolition. This was around the time Plots With Guns, one of the pioneering crime fiction zines that helped legitimize web-based crime fiction, shut down for a while and there was a hole that needed to be filled.

I loved editing Demolition. I loved reading slush manuscripts and giving new writers their start and spreading the word of exciting crime fiction. A number of the writers I published first in Demolition went on to successful careers as novelists and TV writers. The zine even won a Gumshoe Award for best mystery fiction website in addition to having stories selected for year end “best of” anthologies. After four years though, the winds of short fiction began to change and I felt it was time to move on.

After I shuttered Demolition, I went through a very dark period creatively. I had some success writing and publishing short stories but was never able to translate that into success writing or publishing novels and gave up several times. Then I got married and had two kids in a very short span of time and found myself working in the healthcare field doing the occasional bit of editing work on the side. Eventually I turned my focus more and more to my editing career, looking to resume full-time work in the field. I began lining up a full slate of freelance clients, including work for Harlequin’s digital-first imprint Carina Press, and was soon able to quit my healthcare job and edit full-time.

Soon after, a few conversations turned into a serious conversation and before I knew it, I was being fitted for my official Angry Robot suit and given the keys to their crime imprint. So there’s the David Copperfield/Catcher in the Rye view of my editing history. Feel free to mock and/or challenge it in the comments.


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Team Robot Blogger Award: The Winners!

The Winners



Well done to all our short-listed blogs, and those nominated by the authors. But we can only have one winner for each award, and here they are:


Team Robot Blogger Award


Kristin at My Bookish Ways!


There wasn’t much between any of our short-listed nominees but Kristin came through with a last-minute flurry of votes! Congratulations Kristin, and thank you from all at Angry Robot, Strange Chemistry, and Exhibit A. Your trophy will be on its way, today!


Authors’ Choice Award


We had a wide range of suggestions from our authors, from genre specific blogs to general book sites. Interestingly for us, there was no clear winner: every author brought us a different site that they personally love and feel should be recognised. With that, Angstrom A. Robot has selected one and…

Drum roll, please…

…the winner is:

Josh at Just A Guy That Likes To Read!


Congratulations Josh, and your trophy will be on its way to you today, also!

Thanks to all our authors for taking part in this, and obviously to all our bloggers for their tremendous work! To all the authors short-listed, and those others nominated by the authors, well done and I’ll be in touch for you to choose your three books!

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Team Robot Blogger Award

As most of you are probably aware, we here at Robot HQ adore our blogs, bloggers, readers of blogs, and all things related. We really appreciate everything they do to help us promote our books, authors, and indeed Angry Robot, Strange Chemistry, and Exhibit A. With today being Thanksgiving, we thought it was the perfect time to announce our Team Robot Blogger Award. We want to give back to those bloggers who work tirelessly, for no financial gain, and in their own free time, to read more books than we can even publish, and spread the word to the reading – and buying – public.

This award might be called the Team Robot Blogger Award, but it encompasses our three houses: Angry Robot, Strange Chemistry, and Exhibit A. And this is how it works: recently, we sent a shortlist of 12 blogs to our authors. These blogs were chosen by us as those we work with the most regularly and who we feel should be recognised. Our authors chose their Top Three from that list, and then we collated those figures to give us our winner.

We also wanted the authors to have their own say. What if one of their favourite blogs wasn’t on our list? So we also created the Authors’ Choice Award. Each author sent us through one blog of their choice – that wasn’t on our short-list – and the winner of the nominated blogs was then chosen by Angstrom A. Robot.

The Prize

You mean public recognition of how much we all freakin’ love you isn’t enough? No pleasing some people. Well, it’s just as well we have these super cool Robot Awards to hand! The winners of both awards will have this Angry Robot Army trophy sent to them, along with bucketfuls of our thanks. The winners, the short-listed blogs – and those others that the authors nominated – will be contacted to select three books of their choice, across the three imprints!

Without further ado, the Team Robot Blogger Award prize:


Team Robot Award

This award comes with our heartfelt thanks: for all the reviews, interviews, blog tour stops, cover reveals, last minute favours, support, chats, recommended reads, and mainly, for your love of books.

Congratulations to all our short-listed blogs, who – in alphabetical order – are:

1: A Fantastical Librarian

2: Adventures Fantastic

3: My Bookish Ways

4: Bibliosanctum

5: Curiosity Killed the Bookworm

6: Fantasy Faction

7: Jet Black Ink

8: My Shelf Confessions

9: Popcorn Reads

10: Shots Blog

11: The Founding Fields


We’re going live with the winners of both awards in T-minus 1 hour, so do stay tuned!

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Rotten Cover Reveal!

Rotten Cover Reveal!

It’s been a busy week at Exhibit A HQ with yesterday’s acquisition announcement and now an exciting cover reveal!

When we announced Rotten At The Heart by Bartholomew Daniels, it was to great excitement and intrigue with The Bookseller reporting it, amongst others. William Shakespeare was a mystery sleuth? He kept journals of his detective work? Who knew! And our Bartholomew Daniels was the man to uncover the files.

Rotten At The Heart is the first in a series of Shakespearean mysteries featuring and narrated by the Bard himself, and without further ado…



Argh! Oxford

Argh! Oxford

London, 1596. With his patron’s mysterious death leaving Will on the brink of ruin and eviction, he’s forced to fall back on his own inimitable powers of observation in order to ferret out the killer and in so doing unravel a conspiracy that goes straight to the beating heart of the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

Rooted in historical fact and written in Will’s own accessibly Elizabethan voice, Rotten At the Heart explores the intersection of religion, politics, and corruption, and underscores the sacrifices that honour demands when a troubled man finally discovers his own.

Introducing Wm. Shakespeare: Detective.

Bartholomew Daniels


Bartholomew Daniels is an avid book collector and it was through his purchase of a wooden chest of unwanted novels and forgotten papers at an estate sale in Illinois last year that he made the extraordinary discovery of several lost Shakespeare journals.

Bartholomew is also a close friend of novelist Dan O’Shea, who encouraged him to set about editing these manuscripts so that modern readers might be able to thrill to them also.

Bartholomew Daniels said: “Shakespeare the writer is the colossus of English literature. But Shakespeare the man is an enigma. These manuscripts I’ve been privileged enough to discover and edit cast new light on Shakespeare’s secret life as a detective in the cut-throat world of Elizabethan England.”

From his mother’s womb untimely ripped on April 23, 1959, Bartholomew, a Chicago-area writer, is a long-time Shakespeare aficionado, and sees the chance to edit the Bard’s lost journals detailing Shakespeare’s unfortunate adventures as an unwilling Elizabethan gumshoe as the chance of a lifetime. Mr. Daniels can be reached online at or you can follow him on Twitter as @BardBoiled. In real life, due to legal entanglements and security concerns surrounding the lost manuscripts, Mr. Daniels lives at a secure, undisclosed location.

Book Info:

UK Print
Date: 3rd April 2014
ISBN: 9781909223424
Format: Medium (B-Format) Paperback
R.R.P.: £8.99

US/CAN Print
Date: 25th March 2014
ISBN: 9781909223431
Format: Large (Trade) Paperback
R.R.P.: US$14.99 CAN$16.99

Date: 25th March 2014
ISBN: 9781909223448
Format: Epub & Mobi
R.R.P.: £5.49 / US$6.99

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