The Author, Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey has been busily working away these last few weeks promoting his debut novel The Professor.

From Blog Tours, to book signings, to video interviews, Robert has been tireless in his mission to make The Professor everyone’s new number one book.

So for everyone who is a fan of The Professor and Robert’s work or interested in what an author does to promote a new book, here is a recap of what he’s been up to.


Radio Interviews


Robert giving his reading

Robert finished February with an interview on the Thacker Mountain Radio Show in Mississippi. In front of 150-200 strong crowd Robert gave a reading from The Professor and spoke to members of the crowd about the novel. As well as being a great opportunity to promote it also allowed Robert the chance to see The Professor out on local bookshop shelves!

Book Signings and Special Guests

Robert followed the radio interview up with a weekend of special book signings. First a private one with family and friends as well as special guest Lieutenant Governor of the State of Alabama, Kay Ivey. This was followed the next day by a much bigger signing at Books-A-MillionNot only did the event nearly cause a stock sell-out of The Professor but it was also described by a store clerk “the best I have ever seen in the eight years I have worked at the store.” Well done Robert.

Video Interviews

Finally Robert took part in a video interview for HTVHe took the opportunity to talk about The Professor and how he got into writing in the first place. Essential viewing for anyone considering becoming a writer and great publicity for the book as the interview will be going out across America!

At Exhibit A we’re incredibly proud of all authors and their accomplishments and its great to be able to show you all how hard they work for them!

Don’t forget to get your own copy of The Professor, available from Amazon, Waterstones and The Book Depository and many other booksellers!

The Professor by Robert Bailey

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