Exhibit A is pleased and proud to be publishing the following fine authors:

patricia-abbott-polaroidExhibit A Author Robert BaileyExhibit A Author Bartholomew DanielsExhibit A Author Matt FunkExhibit A Author Rob HartExhibit A Author Terry IrvingExhibit A Author, Nik KorponExhibit A Author Charles LambertExhibit A Author Sean LynchExhibit A Author Siobhan MacDonaldExhibit A Author Donna MalaneExhibit A Author John MatthewsExhibit A Author Dan NewmanExhibit A Author Dan O'SheaExhibit A Author Richard ParkerExhibit A Author Karen SandlerExhibit A Author Matteo StrukulExhibit A Author William SuttonExhibit A Author J. B. TurnerExhibit A Author Tom Vater

Patricia Abbott

Concrete Angel (February 2015)

Robert Bailey

The Professor (January 2014)

Bartholomew Daniels

1. Rotten at the Heart (April 2014)
2. A Death Owed God (January 2015)

Rob Hart

New Yorked (January 2015)

Terry Irving

Courier (May 2014)

Nik Korpon

Fait Ave (April 2015)

Charles Lambert

1. The View From the Tower (January 2014)
2. The Folding World (November 2014)

Sean Lynch

1. Wounded Prey (June 2013)
2. The Fourth Motive (May 2014)

Siobhan MacDonald

1. Twisted River (October 2014)
2. The Blue Pool (2015)

Donna Malane

Surrender (September 2014)

John Matthews

1. Letters From a Murderer (October 2013)
2. Diary of a Murderer (September 2014)

Dan Newman

The Clearing (November 2013)
The Journalist (October 2014)

Dan O’Shea

1. Penance (May 2013)
2. Greed (February 2014)

Richard Parker

1. Scare Me (May 2013)
2. Stalk Me (March 2013)

Karen Sandler

1. Clean Burn (September 2013)
2. Hangtown (July 2014)

Matteo Strukul

The Ballad of Mila (July 2014)

William Sutton

1. Lawless and The Devil of Euston Square (August 2013)
2. Lawless and The Flowers of Sin (August 2014)

J. B. Turner

1. Hard Road (August 2013)
2. Hard Kill (July 2014)

Tom Vater

1. The Cambodian Book of the Dead (July 2013)
2. The Man With the Golden Mind (April 2014)