Hard Road by J.B. TurnerThis is quite a tardy post, but it’s one worth waiting for! On Thursday 22 August we had a fantastic launch for J.B. Turner‘s Hard Road in the wonderful Looking Glass Books, and I’d like to start off thanking the wonderful Gillian for hosting Exhibit A and J.B. Turner. Looking Glass Books is a book lover’s heaven: comfy chairs, coffee, beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows with amazing light pouring through, and of course, shelves of lovingly-picked books! I urge you to visit this shop and if you do, do spread the word and further help independent shops like this to survive,

On to the launch! There was a wonderful turn-out of family, friends, and fans alike for J.B, as we gathered to celebrate the release of Jon Reznick, Hard Road‘s main character: an anti-hero if ever there was one, as he struggles with the realisation that his job as an assassin has finally come home to his own door…

J.B. read from Hard Road, introducing the moment when Jon does something he’s never done before: question a kill. He finds himself trying to protect the man he’d been hired to murder, and as they make their escape, he must figure out who else – and why – someone wants them dead. Following this – when not a sound could be heard as we all listened intently to J.B’s atmospheric reading – we kicked off a Q&A with the audience. It was a fascinating insight into how J.B. researched the roles within the FBI, as well as the underground work of the real-life Jon Reznicks, and how he put together the story.

All that was left after this was to put J.B. hard at work selling books and signing copies! Thanks to all who came out to support J.B. and Exhibit A, and we look forward to hopefully seeing you in Edinburgh again!

Here’s a few snaps from the evening:

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