Press Release

4th December 2012

Angry Robot’s crime imprint, Exhibit A, has acquired two titles by international bestselling UK author John Matthews, whose previous work has been included in a top ten all-time best legal thrillers list in The Times.

Commissioning editor Emlyn Rees bought World English rights in Letters From a Murderer from Robert Kirby at United Agents.

Letters From a Murderer is the first in a series of hardboiled Victorian detective mysteries featuring Finley Jameson, an aristocratic intellectual English criminal profiler, and Joseph Argenti, a streetwise New York cop.

“With this series, John has very cleverly rebooted the historical thriller to appeal to the sensibilities of the modern reader. If Arthur Conan Doyle had been asked to write a sequel to The Gangs of New York, then this would be it.”

Exhibit A will be publishing Letters From A Murderer in October 2013 simultaneously in the UK and US.



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