Here at Exhibit A, we’re very proud to be publishing Dan O’Shea‘s blockbusting debut thriller, Penance,  in the English language right around the world next May.

We’re thinking Dan might be a little bit excited about it too, because he’s just designed an awesome new site to help advertise the fact, as well as to steer any readers who haven’t yet discovered him towards his awesome blog and short story collection Old School.


Dan asked us what we though of his site’s reboot.

The Author, Dan O'Shea


The Exhibit A crew considered, pontificated, mused, and drank tea…before finally concluding that Dan’s new site is:

A: ‘Sharper than a tungsten chainsaw.’

B: ‘Meaner than a rattle snake with a migraine.’

C: ‘Slicker than George Clooney’s “Dapper Dan” hair goo in Oh Brother, Where Are Thou.’

D: ‘Finer than a pair of gossamer insoles.’

E: ‘Hipper than an underwear model on an orthopaedic unit.’

F: ‘Wiser than an owl with a degree in astrophysics.’

G: ‘Funnier than KajaGooGoo‘s haircuts (and threads).’

H: ‘Smarter than Feliks Zemdegs.’ (He solved the Rubik’s Cube in 5.66 seconds at the Melbourne Winter Open 2011.)

I: ‘Cooler than liquid nitrogen.’

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a link to Dan’s new site, so you check it out yourselves:

Oh, and we’d love to hear your thoughts too…

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