Exhibit A?

Exhibit A – it’s that bagged up, significant piece of evidence that when presented becomes a physical representation of a dark sequence of events.

In the fictional world of the thriller novel and movie, is it possible for one object to convey an entire story?  It has to be the sign of a great one if a single outwardly harmless article can evoke it.

To celebrate the name of Angry Robot’s new crime imprint, see how many of these ten objects will jog your memory.

Each represents a famous thriller.

First one’s easy.

Let’s take them out of their bags…


Exhibit A: a bottle of nice Chianti.






Exhibit B: A dentist’s drill.






Exhibit C: a large collection of air fresheners.






Exhibit D: a bulletin board.






Exhibit E: a cooked rabbit.






Exhibit F: a scarlet fish






Exhibit G: a shower curtain.






Exhibit H: a banjo.






Exhibit I: a hypodermic of adrenaline.






Exhibit J: an oxygen mask.






For the answers…scroll down…








































A: Silence Of The Lambs

B: Marathon Man

C: Seven

D: The Usual Suspects

E: Fatal Attraction

G: Psycho

H: Deliverance

I: Pulp Fiction

J: Blue Velvet

Exhibit F was obviously a red herring.

Now check out the rest of the Exhibit A site – for all your criminal needs…











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