Thanks to all the brilliant mini robots hiding inside my computer, I’ve been able to “Googlelate” (Google Translate) a fine article about Exhibit A, which just appeared on the brilliant Crime Zone website in the Netherlands.

Much like our own esteemed organ, Crime Zone is a quality site. Contained in its glossy and welcoming virtual folds are many interviews, reviews and insights into the European, UK and US crime scene. We recommend it heartily to you all.

Crime Zone‘s talented and knowledgeable editor, Sander Verheijen, as well as being brilliantly fluent in his mother tongue of Dutch, speaks fluent English. In fact, at this year’s Theakston’s Crime Festival in Harrogate, he even corrected me about the spelling of that most splendidly unusual of British beers, Old Peculier.

And, as you’ll see from this photo, Sander is clearly not a man to be messed with.

Which is why, before we reveal the “Googleated” copy of CrimeZone‘s Exhibit A interview in all its dubious glory for you all to enjoy, we must first apologise to Sander and stress that, if left “un-Googleated”, his prose would be as perfect and peachy as a Pulitzer Prize-winning poem.

But now let’s cut to that interview. Let’s “Googleate”, y’all…


Interview from Crime Zone, as translated by Google Translate:

Besides writing goes Emlyns involvement in the thriller genre much further. He is in fact an editor at a publishingExhibit A new thriller.

Emlyn: “I am working on setting up a list of new, interesting thriller writers. We do twelve titles per year, per month. It is a dream come true. In the week that I met Jo, I was with several parties to define as crime fiction editor to work. I am now a 25-year-old editor, trapped in the body of a forty, haha. I have the enthusiasm of a puppy. But it is sometimes quite difficult, though. Then I think, how many thriller writers out there now in the vicinity of Thomas Harris’ Silence of the Lambs … I mean that was a good book. And it is hard, because I knew a writer. I think I must give a manuscript a chance, even though I know after ten pages that will not be. But I will probably still outgrow. ”

How he combines reading and evaluating manuscripts with his own writing?

Emlyn: “I love to read crime and now I can do that with any other reason.Discovering new talent. In that respect I am like a kid in a candy store!Yes, I write again next, but I did when I was twenty-five, had a fulltime job, a girlfriend and still had the stupid things you did at that age do. And then I could write a book. I do not play golf. The hours which others devote golf or other hobbies, I am writing. That is my hobby. ”

Still Chased appeared not to Exhibit A.

Emlyn: “No, I have a great publisher (James Gurbutt, ed.) In his fiction fund I am currently the only thriller writer. Next year my second thriller featuring Danny Shanklin, Wanted. ”

In the Netherlands, published in April by publishing The Haunted Fountain.When I showed him the book, he tells me that the Dutch cover is much cooler than the original English cover. I tell him Emlyn by the publisher in a sentence is called with Jason Bourne and Die Hard.

Emlyn: “I love Die Hard! I did recently with my daughter watching. It has been sworn in, but fortunately not much. The concept of it is brilliant. The film is even better than you think. I am so happy with the comparison. “He looks again at the cover and highlights smiling at the teaser for the fans of Die Hard and Bourne. “Yes well, but I would still put behind them: but better than that.”


Oh, and for anyone (no, really?) wondering who that cool guy is with all the girls waving behind him at the top of this article, look no further: it’s Malcolm McLaren speaking “Double Dutch”, of course.


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