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Cover reveal #2: Diary of a Murderer by John Matthews

So you though the excitement from yesterday was over? Ha. We have even more TODAY. And with this cover reveal you get to be part of the process. Check out yesterday’s reveal to see how these normally look. You look? So you see the smaller cover and the description and then all of the buying info? Well I want to try something different and I want you to tell me which you prefer. So first, here’s a brief description of the book:

New York, 1891. Aristocratic English pathologist Finley Jameson and streetwise New York cop Joseph Argenti begin their second adventure together investigating a high society poisoning. But when the daughter of a prominent banker dies in broad daylight from a sudden heart attack, their case takes a curious turn.

Jameson and Argenti investigate deeper to see how many apparently accidental deaths amongst the city’s rulers might actually have had far more sinister causes.

As their investigation intensifies, and the sinister link between the victims emerges, Jameson and Argenti worry that the question isn’t now whether there is a serial murderer on the loose, but how many.

And here’s the cover. Big. With the buying info on a separate page.


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Cover Reveal #1: A Death Owed God by Bartholomew Daniels

Last year Exhibit A author Daniel O’Shea introduced us to his friend Bartholomew Daniels and some manuscripts he had come into possession of detailing the detective adventures of one William Shakespeare. We are proud to present this beautiful cover for the second adventure, A Death Owed God, coming in January 2015.


 His previous services having earned him the goodwill of both the queen and Baron Hundson, the queen’s Lord Chamberlain and his sponsor, William Shakespeare and his troupe are now a fixture performing at court.

Shakespeare is approached after a performance by Bessie Crumb, lover of his recently murdered friend Christopher Marlowe, with what she claims is Marlowe’s last play. When Crumb is found dead and Marlowe’s young son goes missing, the Bard again finds himself acting in the uncomfortable role of detective, trying to uncover the truth behind Bessie’s death – and the murder of Marlowe himself. Shakespeare follows a trail of past sins and present plots to the heart of Elizabeth’s court, increasingly certain that this tale can end only with a royal head on a scaffold or his own in a noose.

Book Info:

UK Print
Date: 1st January 2015
ISBN: 9781909223639
Format: Medium (B-Format) Paperback
R.R.P.: £8.99

US/CAN Print
Date: 30 December 2014
ISBN: 9781909223646
Format: Mass Market Paperback
R.R.P.: US$7.99 CAN$9.99

Date: 30th December 2014
ISBN: 9781909223653
Format: Epub & Mobi
R.R.P.: £5.49 / US$6.99

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Nik Korpon Joins the EA Posse of Literary Thugs*

Exhibit A Books is excited to announce our latest acquisition, World Rights from Brooks Sherman (The Bent Agency) for Nik Korpon’s Fait Ave (April 2015), in which a morally upright thief, attempting to protect his family, ends up in the middle of a drug turf war.

Nik_Korpon_HeadshotNik Korpon: “I’m incredibly excited to have found a home at Exhibit A. I admire the writers they publish and to be included in their company is an honor. With their progressive approach to publishing, I think Exhibit A is the future of crime fiction, and I’m just happy to be along for the ride.”

Bryon Quertermous: “As we continue to add phenomenal writers to the Exhibit A list, I’m happy that Nik Korpon gets to be part of that group. It’s not smart to play favorites with my authors, but Nik is by far the best writer we’ve signed this week.”

Fait Ave:

A literary noir novel that crosses the moral journey of Breaking Bad with the neighborhood intrigues of Tana French’s Faithful Place. 

Elroy is a morally-upright thief who is struggling to move his family away from the city, out to where all the corners are cul-de-sacs. This requires him to spend a lot of time away from home, straining his relationship with his precocious son Elijah and precariously-sober wife Denise. One night, he discovers a hidden cache of jewelry behind his basement wall and thinks he’s finally gotten a bit of a break. But when that jewelry hurls him into the middle of a turf war between a local kingpin and a crooked cop who just happens to be Elroy’s godbrother, Elroy is forced to choose between his family and his honor.

About Nik: Nik Korpon is the author of Stay God, Sweet Angel; Fight Card: Punching Paradise; Bar Scars: Stories and Old Ghosts. His stories blackened eyes in Needle Magazine, Shotgun Honey, Crime Factory, Yellow Mama and Noir Nation, among others. He is an associate editor at Dark House Press. He lives in Baltimore.

Nik Korpon writes crime books. They’ve got red on them. He lives in Baltimore.

Rights Queries: Please contact Ellena Johnstone for all translation and audio rights queries:


*Phrase coined by one Sean Lynch
Disclaimer: all EA authors/editors/associates are in no way thuggish and are lovely people….promise…

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From the Editor: So Much Exciting News, My Oh My.

My daughter is already hard at work on her open door manuscript

My daughter is already hard at work on her open door manuscript

We have a lot going on here at the site today with a couple of cool cover reveals and a big announcement about a new author signing, so I’m not going to talk long. I just wanted to make the official announcement that Exhibit A Books will be doing an Open Door submission period in six months. We’re still working out the details and getting the submissions system ready to go, but this is your cue to get those manuscripts finished and polished so you can send them to us. At this point I don’t think there is going to be a specific theme, I’m just looking for great crime books.

While we put together the final details, check out this piece called So You Want To Be An Open Door Success where winners from our sister imprints describe how they got to where they are. And of course keep checking back here for more details.

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From the Editor: Let’s Talk Covers and Stealing From Other Artists

The Man With The Golden Mind by Tom Vater Rotten At The Heart by Bartholomew DanielsThis is Tuesday, not Monday. You may be confused (and possibly inconsolable) because there was no post from me yesterday. I’d like to say there’s some grand excuse for it, but I just plain forgot. Well, that’s not actually true. I truly thought I had written this post already and posted it but never bothered to check. I’m a genius, I know.

So let’s talk about design. Book covers specifically (you’ll notice two of our more recent covers off to the side there). I love book covers. I love browsing the book store and looking at what other publishers are doing. Some are very good and some are very bad, but the vast majority are a mix of the two. So far I think Exhibit A has done some pretty cool covers. But as I’m settling in to the role and starting to feel my independence, I’ve been talking to Marc more and more about my specific ideas for what I want in Exhibit A covers.

When we start the cover process, I usually email the author and the agent and get their thoughts (one of the benefits of being a smaller publisher btw) and then I write up my notes and send the designed some sample covers or other images. At first I was only sending covers of books that were similar to the one we were publishing, but lately I’ve been including book covers and movie posters for unrelated work that I think would work well with the book at hand. When Marc and I were in NYC we spend an hour or so just going through cover images from books and albums as well as movie posters to get a sense of what we are looking for in an Exhibit A book. I’ll be discussing this more in-depth over the next few months and maybe doing a full behind the scenes look at out cover process.

For now though, I’ve set up a Tumblr account where I’ll be posting what’s inspiring me and what I’m sending to our cover designers. It’s still rough as Tumblr is being a giant meanie about a typo in the email address I registered with, but check back regularly to see if it ever gets up and running.

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Guest Post: Secrets to a Successful Signing by Robert Bailey

Hi folks,

So as we told you last month, Robert Bailey’s debut novel The Professor has been busily touring across the Southern USA.

The Professor’s signings have proven so popular (with a number of complete sell outs!) that we asked Robert to write us up a guest post on how to organise a successful signing.

Have a look at what he had to say below and check out some of the photos from his events!


Nashville: Outside Location was Key

Nashville: Outside Location was Key

Since launching The Professor in January with a sold out signing in Huntsville, Alabama at The Huntsville Museum of Art (273 copies sold!), we have had ten in store signing events.  Half of these events have been sellouts with total sales ranging from 17 to 43 books.  The reception we have received has been phenomenal!  Indeed, the long-time managers at the Books-A-Million stores in Cullman and Gulf Shores, Alabama declared that our event was the best they had ever seen.  Given our success, Exhibit A has asked that I share a few thoughts on what has gone into making these events a hit:

  • It has helped immensely to have a publicist on my team, and Julie Schoerke and JKS Communications arranged all of these events and worked with the store to ensure that the event had the best chance of success.  JKS kept a constant flow of communication with the store from the time of scheduling up until the time of the event.
  • The store has been a big part of our team.  For each store event, we have made sure to involve the store on the date and time of the event, i.e. not just when they have availability but what would be the optimum time for the signing.  The store manager or owner will know this information better than anyone and involving the store as part of the team has made our events feel like a joint venture as opposed to a solo operation.  In that same vein, it is extremely helpful when the store does its own promotion of the event.  Our sold out events at the Page & Palette in Fairhope and East Side Story in Nashville were greatly enhanced by the store’s own promotion of the event as was our event at ColdWater Books in Tuscumbia.
  • The personal touch.  For each event, I have sent personal email invitations to every friend or colleague I have in the area and asked that they forward the invitation to anyone they think might be interested.
  • Fairhope Signing: The page Palette came up with its own Ad in front of my table

    Fairhope Signing: The page Palette came up with its own Ad in front of my table

    Positive book reviews or articles by local media have helped a ton.  For our events in Huntsville, Fairhope, Athens, Nashville and Cullman, we had nice book reviews and articles run in a local newspaper or other media outlet a few days prior to the event.  During these signings, several purchasers told me that they came specifically because they had read “the article in the paper.”

  • Using social media to the fullest extent possible.  Before every event, I have posted the event on Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook, which has led to my friends, followers and connections sharing my posts.  JKS has done the same, as has Exhibit A.  A great social media tool is setting up a Facebook event page, and specifically inviting your friends to this event so that they will receive a notice about it on their Facebook page.
  • Targeting my market.  As a lawyer who has written a legal thriller, I have made it a point to involve the local bar association where the event is being held in the promotion of the event.  For each event, I have reached out to the local bar association and requested that they distribute my invitation to their email list, and almost all have said yes.
  • Location within the store has been key. At almost all of our events, we have had a table at the front of the store.  This allows for customer interaction right off the bat, and many folks who had heard nothing about the book decided to purchase a copy after talking with me upon entering the store.  At East Side Story in Nashville, Chuck Beard (the owner of the store) allowed us to have a table outside as it was a beautiful day and there was a lot of street traffic.  There is not a doubt in my mind that the outside location for that day contributed to our success.
  • Atlanta Book Signing: Talking about The Professor for the crowd that came out to the Emerging Authors Event

    Atlanta Book Signing: Talking about The Professor for the crowd that came out to the Emerging Authors Event

    Partnering with other authors.  In Nashville, we partnered for our event with Nashville based author Tom Wood, whose book, Vendetta Stone, is actually set in the streets of East Nashville.  There is no question that several of Tom’s colleagues and friends who came out to support him ended up buying a copy of The Professor.  In Tuscumbia, we had a big day as part of ColdWater Books’ Lovin’ Locals Event, where over thirty other authors were on hand selling their books.  Likewise, at FoxTale Books in Atlanta, we were invited to the Emerging Authors Event, where we shared the stage with eleven other authors and each author had the opportunity to discuss his or her book with the crowd that came out for the event.

  • Luck.  At the end of the day, I think you have to be a bit lucky to have a successful store event.  In Fairhope and Nashville, we scored warm, beautiful days with lots of foot traffic near the store, which no doubt contributed to the event’s success.

I’m sure you’ll join me in thanking Robert for writing this, if you want to see more photos from his events head to Robert’s Website!

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Special ‘Stalk Me’ Signing

Stalk Me by Richard ParkerAt Exhibit A we like to keep you up to date with all the exciting news involving our books and authors.

On the 3rd of April Richard Parker hosted a “raucous” special signing of Stalk Me. The event involved a reading by Richard, excellent company and, of course, plenty autographing action. Certainly a great time as had by all!

We’ve got a couple of photos from the event below, have a look and make sure to head to Richard Parker Events to see even more and hear from Richard himself on how the evening went.

And in case you don’t know what Stalk Me is all about, head over to its book page to find out, or dive over to the Robot Trading Company to grab yourself a copy!


Richard overjoyed to hear his books gave this reader nightmares!


Richard giving his reading


We can all agree he’s earned that one!

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Jon Reznick returns! Find him on NetGalley

Listen up Exhibit A fans,

If you loved Hard Road by J.B. Turner then get yourself over to NetGalley today to request the eARC for the second Jon Reznick thriller, Hard Kill!

The book went live today, so follow the link below and get logged into NetGalley for you chance to get your hands on it.

And just in case, for some crazy reason, you’re still not sure you want it, check out the description below.

Happy reading guys!

Hard Kill by J.B. Turner


Hard Kill by J. B. TurnerAn American diplomat goes missing and ex-Special Forces operative Jon Reznick joins a top secret team, led by FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein, to help track him down.

The team believes that there may be a terrorist group – perhaps Islamists – who have kidnapped him, as the diplomat’s area of expertise is the Persian Gulf. But Reznick is training his sights on an unlikely candidate – a leading Washington DC surgeon.

But as the team itself comes under attack, and the 9/11 commemoration approaches, it becomes clear that the kidnapping is part of a much bigger plot, one that threatens not only New York, but the whole country too.

A pulse-pounding, high-octane thriller, for fans of Harlan Coben, Simon Kernick, Gregg Hurwitz and C. J. Box.

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From the Editor: Bright Lights, Big City (without the cocaine) + A Photo Of My Dog And Cat

From the Editor: Bright Lights, Big City (without the cocaine) + A Photo Of My Dog And Cat

Last week I was in New York City attending to some Publishing Business, which mostly involved drinking with Marc and Mike and gossiping about Lee. But out of those drinks came some great ideas I think and you will begin to see the fruits of some of those ideas soon while others may be longer in gestation. One of the more immediate changes will be in content here on the website. In addition to this weekly note, I’d like to do some other posts on two things. Once a month (or so) I’ll talk about what types of books I’m looking for at Exhibit A as well as what types of books we might be seeing too much of.

As I’ve acquired quite a few noir novels by young white men lately, I’m looking to branch out more in race and gender as well as in tone. I don’t want to be strictly a noir or dark fiction publisher. My own reading tastes run the scale from really dark to the frothiest of light fare. During one of these extra curricular discussions, I was trying to explain to Marc and Mike what kind of light fiction I was looking for as they don’t see a place for the sort of cozy that places like Berkley and NAL do very well. What we eventually figured out was that we’re looking for “bright mysteries” exemplified by the crime shows on USA like Monk or Psych as well as some network shows like Elementary and The Mentalist. These sorts of stories take the traditional mystery format into the dark side of humanity occasionally but eventually end in on the bright side. We’re also looking for historical fiction of under represented time periods (like civil war crime, diesel punk crime, and pre-70s Vietnam crime) or under represented authors.

The comments are open for suggestions of what else you’d like to see from Exhibit A or where we might find great stories of the type I just mentioned.

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Media Round Up 28/03/14

Hi there Exhibit A fans!

Its that time of the week we like to call round up time, and this week’s round up is looking The View from the Tower by Charles Lambert as well as a sneak peek of the first few reviews for The Man with the Golden Mind by Tom Vater.

The View from the Tower by Charles Lambert

The View From the Tower by Charles Lambert“Another cracking novel from Charles Lambert that transports the reader to Rome. The things I love about Charles’ writing are the great style and the little vignettes that pepper the prose … When you read Charles’s work, you just KNOW you are in Italy!” – TripFiction

“Charles Lambert has produced an intriguing thriller that kept me guessing until the very end; a story that isn’t always easy to read but very rewarding once it all comes together. This is an author who is not afraid to portray people as they are, warts and all, and manages to make his readers care about them even when their actions are questionable. I’m in awe of this author’s writing and eagerly awaiting the third book in this Rome trilogy. I couldn’t have wished for a better start to my reading year.” – Marleen (Goodreads)

“A thriller and a page-turner, this book also has considerable psychological depth and I particularly liked the thoughtfulness of its main characters. Moving between the viewpoints of Helen, her lover Giacomo and her friend/colleage Martin, the most obvious question posed by this novel is who killed Helen’s husband Federico – but its deeper concerns are to do with relationships and this is what made it fascinating to me.” – Frances Gapper (Goodreads) 

“A crippling tale of love, loss, redemption, violence, and political intrigue. THE VIEW FROM THE TOWER is a slow burning crime novel that’s more about retrospective relationships post death than the mystery surrounding the identity and motives of a killer… Author Charles Lambert, does a masterful job of engrossing the reader into this cushioned and somewhat isolated world as Helen comes to terms with her predicament. “ – Just a Guy That Likes to Read 

“a superb, deeply thought-out book written by an author who recognizes the darkness of the human heart.” - Betty Webb, Mystery Scene Magazine

“Honest, sharp, beautifully written.” - Ann Cleeves, award-winning author of the Shetland series and Vera novels

“The View From the Tower is a true tale of intrigue. While Helen isn’t always likable, you are drawn into her journey as she struggles to deal with the guilt and shock of her husband’s sudden death, all while to determined to uncover what happened in the moment’s leading up to his demise. There are twists and turns aplenty, with the author leading readers on a merry chase to the diabolical mind behind it all.” – Games Fiends

And that’s not even all the reviews for The View from the Tower but for now we’re going to deliver on our promise and give you a sneak peek at some of the reviews coming in for the newly released The Man with the Golden Mind by Tom Vater.

The Man with the Golden Mind by Tom Vater

The Man With The Golden Mind by Tom Vater“A great spy thriller wrapped around a real mystery and a real crime. Hell, most writers are lucky if they can make up a central mystery that’s good enough to hold your interest. The Man with the Golden Mind is a rarity because the central mystery is not only mind-blowing but true.” – Terry Irving (Author of Courier)

“Looking for a good book? The Man with the Golden Mind will suck you in and take you on a thrilling and exhausting journey through the jungles of Laos and beyond.  It’s a thriller not to be missed.” – Looking for a Good Book 

The Man with the Golden Mind certainly served up something very unexpected, and not exactly one out of the mould when it comes to thrillers. It left this reader with a wishlist that now includes the earlier book in the series.” – AustCrime

Remember to keep checking the website for more great reviews of The Man with the Golden Mind and all our brilliant books!

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